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We have a variety of Aerosols available. Below you will find listed our Promatic Range. Promatic topcoats, various primers for different materials, stone chips, bumper sprays, Clear lacquer,Cavity wax, Guide coat, Spray Putty, Underbody shutz, High Temperature Aerosols and Chrome Spray.

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Promatic Topcoat Aerosols

Topcoat Aerosols
Topcoat Aerosols

Gloss Black, Satin Black, Matt Black & Gloss White

Suitable for internal and external use Weather and UV resistant. Scratch and impact resistant . Excellent surface hardness and good elasticity. Comes in Gloss Black, Satin Black, Matt Black & Gloss White. 500 ml Aerosols.

Topcoat Aerosols
Topcoat Aerosols

Silver Wheels

For use on steel and aluminium rims and hub caps. High quality fast drying acrylic wheel paint. Weather and UV Resistant with good colour and gloss retention.

Chrome Spray

Fast Drying, Chrome effect spray. Can be applied to suitably prepared metal and plastics.

Clear Lacquer

High quality. Scratch resistant. Fast drying gloss clear coat. suitable for overcoating water and solvent based base coats. For internal and external use. Weather & UV Resistant. Provides excellent surface hardness. Good elasticity which can be mechanically polished.

Promatic Primers

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Red Oxide Primer, White Primer & Grey Primer

Fast Drying. Good coverage. Adheres to Wood, Metal, Aluminium & More.

Etch Primer

Fast Drying. Excellent adhesion to those more difficult substrates, including aluminium & Galvanised Steel. Fully cured primer. Has a smooth, non-porous ‘weld-thru’ finish.

Rapid Build Grey Primer

Outstanding one component Primer filler.  Provides good filling properties. Active protection against corrosion. Suitable for minor repairs and surfaces which have been partially sanded.


Alu Zinc Spray

Fast Drying , high quality ‘weld-thru’ bright zinc primer. Suitable for repairing damaged galvanised steel. Resistant to petrol, chemicals & heat up to 250°c.

Zinc Rich Spray

High quality, 90% Zinc Rich Primer. Provides outstanding cathodic corrosion protection for all bare metals. Resistant to petrol, chemicals & Heat up to 350°c.

Promatic Preparation Aerosols


Plastic Primer

 Very fast drying, Transparent & Flexible.Can be over coated with any primer or topcoat. Clear adhesion promoter for substrates such as ABS, PP, PVC and other automotive plastics.

Guide Coat

High quality acrylic paint. Fast drying. Used to detect pores, cracks and uneven areas and sanding marks after application of putty or filler. Even application and reliable results guaranteed due to the very fine atomisation.

High Temperature Aerosols


400ml Aerosols. Good Spray properties. Fast drying times. Excellent adhesion. Three colours : Red, Silver & Black. Silver & Black high temp aerosols resistant to temperatures of up to 800ºC Red high temp Aerosol is resistant to temperatures of up to 300°C.

Stone Chip Aerosols


Three colours to choose from: Black, White & Grey. Provides excellent corrosion protection for parts, such as visible undersides, that are prone to stone chips and corrosion. Overcoatable and long lasting.

Bumper SprayB76034BA-5C46-4A7E-B61A-BC8115AF28C1EC88448B-6DA8-46DE-8843-185F92BFF3D7

For interior and Exterior plastic components, such as bumpers and plastic trims. Excellent coverage and adhesion. Easy to apply. Fast drying, Provides a coloured, scratch resistant finish. Can be applied onto most plastics. Three colours: Grey, Anthracite (which is a darker grey) and Black.

Underbody Aerosols


Underbody Schutz

Bitumen based product, providing good corrosion resistance with an elastic, weatherproof durable coating. Ideal for the underside of vehicles and wheel arches.

Cavity Wax 

Effective corrosion protection to vehicle cavities that are susceptible to rusting, such as: door pillars, door skins, engine compartments, bonnets etc. excellent water repellent properties. Clear film is self regenerating providing on going protection